As you guys probably already know, the end of the lockdown due to Covid-19 in France was announced since 11 May. I hope that you all took some good benefits and enjoyed your free time. I actually learned a lot more about my self and how I was so insane waisting my time and my energy in things that didn’t matter. I am still working on having a clean morning routine but I know that I already introduced so much good stuff into my daily life. I have been working out 5/6 days a week and I started pilates and yoga class , I have been walking every night and/or morning, having healthy and yummy meals, also I tried to learn some new languages like Spanish, Italien & Turkish and Piano. I read books and spent so much time with my family. So this quarantine have been a blessing for me and I am so grateful about that.

So without further ado, let’s talk a bit about fashion. It has been a while since my last look blog post. Like I said in one of my articles, I’m trying to be minimalist and have only simple and useful stuff, so shopping has been not my priority number 1 like I used to be before … but I have to say that from time to time I like to shop some new clothes and shoes that fit with my closet. My style also changed a bit, I find my self more in a retro mood this days. It fit more and I feel so confortable and feminine with a boyish side. Well let me know if you like my evolution .. to be honest I’m still looking for my kinda of outfit that represents me the most.

This pictures were taking from my ride to Cassis in South of France. I really enjoyed the view and what I like to do in this spot is prepare a picnic at the golden hours and watch the sunset.

I was waring

Jumpsuit Miss Selfridge White shirt Asos Sandales Stradivarius Bag TopShop Sunglasses Céline

Love, Hanah ♡ 

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